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I a an aspiring sports writer currently working at The Queens Tribune as a reporter.

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noah zuss
Thursday 1st May 2008, 9:36am
The Mets look listless heading into Arizona for the weekend. The best team in the National League to this point may put a hurt on the Mets in the three game series, and has a good chance of a sweep. The real problem with this club is the total lack of leadership from position players. Read the comments daily in game stories-who gets quoted? Billy Wagner and David Wright they are the only ones that face the media music day after day. Wright is too young to carry the offensive load alone and Wagner is not visible enough to be a huge leader-this team needs some passion and fire-and Jose Reyes to snap back into reality.

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Six in a row posted on 07/11/2008

The Mets are 14-9 since Jerry Manuel took the helm and have cut five games from the Phillies lead in the National League East. The team finally appears to have turned the corner, with bats and pitching working in concert. Playing consistent baseball is never easy, but maybe the change at the top did send a signal in the clubhouse that mediocrity was not acceptable to management.

The team's latest run certainly could have come with Willie Randolh as the manager, but Manuel has presided over the brief turnaround, so naturally he will receive the credit. Maybe the culture of the team was changed by the change, and possibly it spurred them to play better, but more likely the lineup remains old and players are just hitting hot streaks at the same time. If the clubhouse is less divided, or even if this turnaround was just a natural progression the team doesn't need Barry Bonds.

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Pelfrey a looks good posted on 07/09/2008

Mike Pelfrey, a much heralded pitching prospect in the Mets organization for several years has begun to show promising signs of progress.

After losing six consecutive starts, Pelfrey has righted his ship in a big way-winning his last five in a row and looking like he may be emerging as a dependable middle of the rotation starter. In his last 50.2 innings he has allowed only 15 earned runs-good for a 3.34 ERA, an excellent number for a young, back of the rotation starter.  

Following two wins in April, Pelfrey didn't win again until June, 11th when he threw eight excellent innings against the Arizona. With last night's win Pelfrey has now gone above .500 on the year, standing at 7-6 on the year. In this period, since lasting only four innings on May 26th against Florida, Pelfrey threw no less than six innings in three consecutive starts and has now reduced his ERA below four for the first time since late April.

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Wagner gets lucky posted on 07/07/2008

Getting a win after Billy Wagner blew another save, his sixth of the season should serve as the last wake-up call for the long slumbering Mets. Having played terribly and sleep walked through the season thus far the team is still in the pennant race and if they can play consistent baseball can overtake the Phillies.

Yesterday's win should be a wake up for the team that they are still in the race and if the club plays good baseball could win the division come and be in the playoffs come October.

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Reyes supplies fuel for Mets club posted on 05/02/2008

Only last season Mets shortstop Jose Reyes was being mentioned as an elite major league player. Those thoughts seem like a distant  memory as he ended the opening month batting .250, while posting a .307 OBP. More disturbingly he has been caught stealing in half his attempts. Reyes has six stolen bases on the year and has been caught three times. Chalk this up to bad luck, or facing good pitchers for a short time, but if his percentage doesn't improve significantly one of Reyes' best weapons will be compromised. 

The lineup runs on the fuel Reyes supplies. When he is not getting on base, producing runs and energizing the club, the Mets are a quite different team. The trickle-down effect of his enthusiasm and run-scoring ability makes the lineup much longer and more formidable-easier for batters behind Reyes to get RBI chances and increases the offense ability across the board.  

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Mets treading water heading into desert posted on 05/02/2008

Opening an important series in Arizona tonight the Mets face a formiddable challenge against the National league's best club tot his point. The Diamondbacks boast the best starting rotation in the National League-with Micah Owings, Brandon Webb and Dan Haren posting a combined 14-1 record on the season. In comparison, Mets starters have been solidly mediocre. 

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