23 February 2011

     Any basketball fan can tell Melo didn't have his BEST game. But the final game stats read 27pts., 10 reb....A double-double.....ON AN OFF NIGHT!!


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24 April 2008

I do. He's hit wherever Willy puts him in the lineup, he's playing solid defense in right field (remember Shawn Green?) hell he's even hitting lefties. If Castllo continues to struggle I have no problem keeping him in the 2 spot to generate big innings at the beginning of games. Plus, I do believe the 40 doubles he hit last year will translate into 20-25 homeruns (especially with Wright and Beltran behind him). If nothing else, watching Milledge (for whom the Mets aquired Church in a deal that Mets fans hated at the time) play for the Nats against the Mets I don't see him becoming an All-Star any time soon. Meanwhie church has been the most consistent guy on the team.

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