18 May 2009

We are just about two months into the 2009 season and the Mets have proven so far to be just as maddingly inconsistent as they've been since Carlos Beltran left the bat on his shoulder in '06. I must say I was proud of the team (and understandbly shocked) by the moxie they showed in winning the first three games of their series against the Giants, including some late night heroics against that guy from the Beach Boys. Of course I remain convinced that they won because I only watched about 15 minutes of the games all weekend. But Sunday's game just goes to show why the Mets make me insane. To look at Mike Pelfrey's stat line one would think he had an impressive outing. And in many ways he did but ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!? Only the Mets have a guy get such a bad case of the "yips" that he commits THREE balks in one game and gets taken out after only 79 pitches. Oh yeah and then there was the offense. What does this team have against hitting with the bases loaded? I want to know what the record is for double plays grounded into with the sacks juiced. I swear other than the grand-slams from Omir Santos and Fernando Tatis it seems like the Mets never get more than a run from these situations. Can I see a bases clearing double please? I miss the days of Robin Ventura hitting a grand salami in each game of a double header.

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13 May 2009

Welcome hunting fans! Please join the site if you love to hunt. I've set this site up so that hunters can interact with each other, share hunting tips and strategy, and find great places to hunt. Join

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2 February 2009

Oliver Perez will stay with the New York Mets after signing a 3 year deal worth $36 million. The deal is a pretty fair one considering Perez was looking for 5 years and $70 million last offseason.

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17 November 2008


I love Alabama Crimson Tide Football. I love everything about the program, the proud heritage and the lifestyle. The stone fisted blows struck by Paul “Bear” Bryant still echo through every acre of Tuscaloosa to this day. You would be hard pressed to find a school, a town, or a culture that loves their team more than the University of Alabama. 

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28 October 2008

Was anybody else as peeved at the look on Cro's face after the loss in London? One would think the players would be in no mood for joking around. I've been a high school coach for years and never act like that after a tough loss. It's been said countless times but the losses seem to affect fans more than the players almost. Oh wait, it all makes sense - Cromartie got paid last off-season so he's happy now.

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29 September 2008

I'd like to welcome you to Blogging The Big Blue Wrecking Crew. My goal is to make this a Giants site everyone can enjoy. I'm all about participation and good discussion, so comments are appreciated. Starting tomorrow this site will go "live" with stories and Giants information.

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